Stampede Pack

Stampede Pack

Welcome to the STAMPEDE PACK!!

THATS RIGHT Calgary! You can’t stop the stampede from coming to Calgary!

YYCGoodieBox has got your back 🤘🏼


We’ve created a stampede experience that can be delivered right to your door!!! 

Cotton candy, Sparklers, Bandanas, Wrist bands, Local breweries, Hard seltzer’s + extra alcohol (wink wink) and so much more! AND Local #YYC musicians have come together to build the ultimate stampede country playlist for you! That’s right- local musicians here in Calgary have created a a personalized playlist for you!!! 

*cue Calgary cheering loudly* 👏🏼🙌🏼👏🏼


Stampede Strong.



3 Tall Boys from three local breweries

3 White Claws

2 Mini fireballs

2 Jello Shots

6 Solo cups

2 Bandanas

4 Wristbands

4 Temporary Tattoos

1 Tub of Cotton Candy

4 Sparklers

1 Helium Filled Balloon

1 Pack Sunflower Seeds

1 Stampede Cookie


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